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UNEP Live: A System-Wide Approach To Keeping The Environment Under Review

UNEP Live aims to support assessment processes through the provision of substantiated, contextualised knowledge about the environment by developing richer sets of data and knowledge flows and bringing together diverse communities of practice.

The aim of UNEP Live is to facilitate the exchange and sharing of latest data, information, assessments and knowledge amongst member countries, research networks, communities of practice, indigenous peoples and society, in order to keep the environment and emerging issues under review.

Sharing Information, Growing Knowledge

UNEP Live presentation

An Integrated Framework For Assessments, UNEP Live and IRIS

Indicator Reporting Information System; IRIS Slide show

UNEP Web intelligence; Video and Transcript; Slides

SDG Synergies: Slide show; Download (Montreal Protocol)    Slide show; Download (CBD)    Slide show; Download (Ramsar)

Communities of Practice

UNEP Live Statistics

UNEP's Air Quality Monitoring device, Air Quality Monitoring Network, Kenya, Air Quality Monitoring presentation

High level Systems Architecture

UNEP Live Services

UNEP Live Principles

UNEP Live poster

Navigating UNEP Live

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