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Make the most of your GEO 6 experience and join a vibrant and growing community of experts and practitioners who are sharing ideas, information and experiences through the Community of Practice (CoP).  This dynamic resource is YOUR platform for engaging with experts, advisory groups, the Secretariat and the broader public on issues relevant to GEO 6.  Join the conversation today and help shape GEO 6 - Healthy Planet, Healthy People.

The CoP is also our shared space for accessing regional and global updates, schedules, information on past or upcoming meetings, and relevant background documents.

Whether you are participating in one of the six GEO Regional Assessments, the Global Assessment, the High Level Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Advisory Group, the Scientific Advisory Panel, the Assessment Methodologies, Data and Information Working Group or simply want to become part of the conversation – this is your space!

GEO-6 Schedule - Events and Meetings up to June 2016




July - August

Develop Zero Order Drafts of GEO-6 Regional Assessments

6th - 17th July

Cambridge Meeting to develop GEO-6 Regional Outlooks and GEO-6 Global Outlooks

14th - 18th September

Writer’s Sprint to develop Stage 1 Drafts of the GEO-6 Regional Outlooks (Nairobi and on-line)

18th September

Joint HLG/SAP call to reengage on Global GEO-6

24th September

SAP call to review Annotated Outline for the Global GEO-6

15th October

HLG/SAP on-line meeting to discuss GEO-6 Global Assessment Annotated Outline and guidance notes

2nd - 13th November

Stage 1 Review of GEO-6 Regional Outlooks (by scientific and technical experts)

19th November

HLG/SAP on-line meeting to plan January face to face meeting

11th November - 2nd December

Authors addressing review comments for the first round of review

9th December - 31st January 2016

Stage 2 Review of GEO-6 Regional Assessments (by governments, stakeholders and experts)


11th - 13th January

HLG/SAP Joint Meeting to develop guidance for author teams of the GEO-6 Global Assessment (Geneva)

15th - 31th January

Calls between HLG/SAP members and regional author teams to provide high level comments

1st - 29th February

Authors addressing review comments for the second round of review

15th - 19th February

Open Ended Committee of the Permanent Representatives (OECPR) GEO-6 Regional Assessments Briefings (Nairobi)

5th March

Draft e-book versions of GEO-6 Regional Assessments

20th March - 15th April

Regional meetings to review draft assessments and compile summary findings

23rd - 27th March


June onwards

Continuing regional outreach and communications

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