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By Neeyati Patel 180 days ago Comments (7)


  • Peter King 144 days ago

    Neeyati - this CoP website needs some operational tweeking (not twerking).  For example, uploading files, providing comments, adding a blog - none of this appears to be fully accessible yet.

  • Neeyati Patel 140 days ago

    Hello Peter! I asked a few members and the CoP technical team to check if they could blog, upload files, respond to discussion topics ... and they can. No tweeking/twerking required. Can you let me know what error message you get if you try to do any of these things so the technical team can help? Thanks.

  • Peter King 139 days ago

    Neeyati and Sunday - I am using Google Chrome, but the problems are that there are no obvious ways to upload files or start a blog and for the review of the Foresight Report, there are no boxes for inserting comments. There are no error messages, just no way to add anything. If I am having problems (and I am used to UNEP's wiki approach), then I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for new members.

  • Neeyati Patel 139 days ago

    Hello Peter - Are you able to see the menu box on the left hand side of your screen when you Login - called GEO SIDS Community of Practice!.? Menu options include Community activity, Blog, bookmarks, discussion, files, news, pages. If not, let us know. I have posted a file in Community Files that inlcudes screenshots of what you should be seeing when logged in. If this is not happening, send us screenshots at so the technical tema can help. Thanks

  • Peter King 139 days ago

    Neeyati - I get all the menu items in the left hand box, but the only one that allows any activity is the one titled "Community activity".

  • Peter King 139 days ago

    Situation resolved by clicking on "join community" again, as apparently I was not listed as a member, even though I was shown as an online member and could communicate as a member.  Go figure - computer software is an amazing thing.  

  • ragoonaden 90 days ago

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    I have just registered myself in GEO SIDS Community of Practice and have gone through the discussion on line so far. I would like to bring in my contributions and propose some ideas/thoughts

    I think it is clear what themes we would like to cover in the report – a list has been proposed by the various colleagues and I am sure we would eventually agree on a final list and also on the proposed Framework for the Table of Contents of Peter

    First, I wish to highlight the issue raised by Asha that much emphasis should be laid on the blue economy. The future on SIDS depends a lot on marine resources. If we do not do it, no other groups will do it. It we do not blow our own trumpet, who will do it for us?

    To stress my point, I still remember during the planning for the GEO 5 report, 10 themes were identified and through a questionnaire sent to all countries, each UNEP region was requested to select 5 to be covered in the report. For the Africa region, Ocean and seas was 9th on the list. It was only on the insistence of Mauritius that the theme Ocean and seas was finally accepted to be included in the report.

    In response to Peter’s concern that it is “a concept that is not fully fleshed out yet”, I would like to highlight that the ocean economy has been given a highly prominent place in the 2 last Government speeches in Mauritius. A road map - The Ocean Economy - A Roadmap for Mauritius (December 2013) - has been prepared following extensive consultation among stakeholders where it was highlighted that the next frontier for the global economy is the ocean. Among the economic activities identified is the utilisation of pure, nutrient-rich and cold deep sea water to develop Deep Ocean Water Application (DOWA) projects which will provide sea-water air conditioning to industrial and commercial users, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, as well as create a plethora of downstream business activities. Two firm interests for extracting this water are already being considered, one in the Capital Port Louis for offices air conditioning and a second for the airport in the south of the island.


    Another priority area is the mapping of the potential hydrocarbon and mineral resources of seabed. For instance, the discovery of a thick sedimentary sequence in the Seychelles plateau has attracted oil companies to prospect in the region. The Australian company, WHL Energy, was the first to sign a letter of intent in March. Others have joined in now- London-based prospecting company Afren, IMF and World Bank, Chinese companies including Sinopec and China National Offshore Oil Corporation


    New technology of deep sea mining has opened new prospects for SIDS as a means of economic development and revenue generation. For example, in April 2014, Nautilus Minerals, a Canadian company, and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea signed an agreement to begin the world's first deep sea mining for ores of copper, gold, and other valuable metals (Nautilus Minerals, 2014).


    Hence the prospects of marine resources are indeed very bright and should be high on the agenda.


    We should also join other groups - the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Ocean Forum, and Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Subnational Leaders on Climate Change Local Government Climate Roadmap 2013-2015, to advocate that the ocean and seas be considered as a stand-alone sustainable development goal in the Post-2015 Development Agenda with targets to achieve a healthy marine environment.