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Participation in Selected International Environmental Agreements

Environmental Indicators: Governance
Participation in Selected International Environmental Agreements

Last update: December 2015

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United Nations Environment Programme Global Environment Outlook Data Portal (GEO Data).

Definitions & Technical notes:

The table presents the years of formalization of participation in a selection of international environmental treaties and conventions for the 193 United Nations member states only. Participation, in this table, means the country or area has become party to the agreements under the treaty or convention, which is achieved through a variety of means depending on country circumstances, namely: accession, acceptance, approval, formal confirmation, ratification, and succession. Countries or areas who have signed but not become party to the agreements under a given convention or treaty are thus indicated as non-participants. The years refer to the date that participation was formalized. No value, '…', indicates non-participation according to the source at the time of the latest update.

Participation can have special or country-specific provisions depending on the nature of the agreement and national circumstances. For more detailed country-specific information on participation under each agreement please visit the website of the secretariat for the convention/treaty.

Below are the complete titles and secretariat websites for each of the selected environmental agreements in the table: Data Quality:
All values in this table are taken from the UNEP GEO Data Portal website.
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