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This is a demonstration platform that will continue to evolve as development progresses.

The Global Environmental Platform from a Worldwide Consortium of Big Data Partners

The World Environment Situation Room implements the Big Data Initiative. The project is global with overarching environmental policy relevance and impact. It includes geo-referenced, remote-sensing and earth observation information integrated with statistics and data on the environmental dimension of sustainable development. The themes of this Global platform cover complementary dimensions for Global Green Solutions for the Environment. It targets country policy makers, top environmental policy makers, the environmental scientific community, business and interested citizens. The platform is essential as a knowledge instrument to support progress on delivering the environmental dimension of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

Projects Around the World

The World Environmment Situation Room will be implemented in different cities, countries and regions.

This platform will facilitate in tranforming data into information products and services which can be used by non-data experts. The online platform will provide access to near-real time information, allowing any willing stakeholder to explore data, visualize trends and use these data-based products to support action toward sustainable development. The platform automatically processes data to transform them into products such as images, maps, graphs (with trends), table in a format which is easy to use by mainstream software.

Contact: WESR Team