Goal 12

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12.1.1 Number of countries with sustainable consumption and production (SCP) national action plans or SCP mainstreamed as a priority or target into national policies

The work associated with this indicator would probably be taken in two stages,

  1. enhancing already existing data sources to apply the current SDG indicator 12.1.1;
  2. assessing the relevance of formulating an improved indicator to fully measure SDG target 12.1.
For the first stage, UNEP and the 10YFP would define the methodology to measure SDG indicator 12.1.1 (including on definition, method of computation, interpretation, data sources and collection). As for the potential stage 2, SDG indicator 12.1.1 counts the number of national SCP action plans, which does not address implementation aspects and objectives of the 10YFP and thereby of target 12.1. Further explanation is available on this document. More about Metadata. Tier re-classification.

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Contact: Ludgarde Coppens