12.6.1 Number of companies publishing sustainability reports

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12.6.1 Number of companies publishing sustainability reports

This indicator looks to encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle. UNCTAD and UN Environment, as joint custodian agencies of SDG Indicator 12.6.1, embarked upon an analysis of existing corporate sustainability reporting frameworks as a basis for developing a minimum standard of core reporting indicators which would serve as a basis for the methodology for the indicator.

While Indicator 12.6.1 counts the number of companies producing “sustainability reports”, the custodian agencies consider the indicator an important opportunity not only to monitor and promote the growth in sustainability reporting globally, but also to monitor and promote high quality reporting, promote the integration of sustainability information into the annual reporting cycle of companies, and promote sustainability practices by companies (as mentioned in the Target under which the indicator falls).

For the purposes of this indicator, ‘sustainability reports’ will not be limited to stand-alone sustainability reports produced by companies, but will be considered as ‘reporting sustainability information’ and expanded to other forms of reporting sustainability information, such as publishing sustainability information as part of the company’s annual reports or reporting sustainability information to the national government.

The detailed metadata is shown in this document. The methodology is available on this document.

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