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14.1.1 Index of Coastal Eutrophication (ICEP) and Floating Plastic debris Density

For the index of Coastal Eutrophication (ICEP), referring to the inputs of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and silica, in different forms) from rivers, and corresponding nutrient-ratio sub-indicator. There is broad consensus that this indicator will not be operational for several years. In fact, the alternative sub-indicator will be used in the short-term, and the methodology for ICEP will be developed and made ready by 2020. As for Floating Plastic Debris Density, the second sub-indicator which refers to the modelled macro and micro plastics distribution in the ocean, relative quantities of floating micro (<4.75mm) and macro (>4.75mm) plastics in large marine ecosystems are measured based on a model of surface water circulation and the use of proxy inputs (shipping density, coastal population density, area of impermeable catchment i.e. urban areas with rapid run-off). The final indicator on Floating Plastics Debris Density will be made ready by 2020. The work plan explains the process, see this document.

Indicator work flow

Contact: Ludgarde Coppens